Give a gift of stock, mutual funds, or other securities

Giving assets such as securities is often a simple way to make a sizable gift to the South Florida SPCA while potentially avoiding capital gain and other taxes. When donating securities held through your brokerage account directly to the South Florida SPCA, you can maximize your donation and eliminate capital gains tax on appreciated assets held for greater than one year. Specifically, when you donate securities directly, you receive the fair market value of the assets as the donation amount, instead of donating proceeds after a sale in your brokerage account, which may be subject to capital gains tax.

For tax planning purposes, if your securities are depreciated, or have a fair market value that is lower than your cost, it may be to your advantage to sell these securities within your brokerage account before donating to the South Florida SPCA, so that you can benefit from any capital losses. Any information on this website is not intended to be legal, tax, or financial advice, or apply to every tax situation. Please consult with your legal, tax, and financial advisors for advice that is specific to your needs.

Please contact for further information and securities or cash transfer instructions.