Christine Septer

Christine Septer

Executive Director

Chris is an animal loving manager and administrator, and considers it a privilege to serve as a member of the team that will strengthen the mission of the SFSPCA. She has extensive experience as an executive director having worked for several nonprofits and professional associations, including the Miami Veterinary Foundation, The South Florida Roofing & Sheet Metal Contractors Association, and the American Subcontractors Association. Chris is actually one of the first female state certified roofing contractors in Florida and was instrumental in writing the High Velocity Hurricane Zone Roofing Code that still exists today.

Chris has owned and trained horses and dogs her entire life and continues to be the head trainer at FreeSpirit Farms and Training Center. Chris’s family includes three SFSPCA horses – Appaloosa Quantum, Pony Pinto Bean and OTT Long Distance; three rescue kitties – Snowshoe Jinx, Bengal Obie and Flame Point Sherbie, and four dogs – Border Collies Twist and Max, Australian Shepherd Tigger, and farm field find rat terrier Little Dog.

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