South Florida SPCA has been rescuing animals since 1992

South Florida SPCA Mission & Vision

Driven by the need to serve abandoned and starving horses, and with the vision to create a safe haven for them, the South Florida SPCA, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization was formed. The mission of the South Florida Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is to rescue, rehabilitate horses and other livestock in Miami Dade County and safely rehome them across the country.

South Florida SPCA Horse Rescue
South Florida SPCA Goat Rescue
South Florida SPCA Cow Rescue
South Florida SPCA Sheep Rescue

* South Florida SPCA is not a first responder in the case of cruelty, starvation or abandonment. You must call the Miami Dade Police Department.
• If you are reporting a non-emergency case of cruelty, starvation of abandonment, 
please call 305-476-5423
• If an animal is at large running loose, in imminent danger, or could create a lethal situation, please call 911

Where are you located?

The SFSPCA Rescue Ranch is located in Homestead Florida.

When may I come visit the horses available for adoption?

The SFSPCA Rescue Ranch is not open for public visits.

Potential adopters are allowed to visit the horses after their adoption application has been approved. The adoption application is available on the website.

Volunteers are allowed to visit the ranch after completion of their Orientation class.

Donors are invited to schedule private tours for their chosen group of participants.

What is the horse or livestock adoption fee?

Horse adoption fees vary. Generally, the horse adoption fee’s start at $500.00. The Thoroughbreds adoption fee are slightly higher, and generally start at $1,000.00. There are always variable factors that may decrease or increase an adoption fee.

Livestock adoption fees vary, but are generally nominal, the quality of home placement matters most. We will not adopt out if there is any likelihood they will be sold at auction or used for meat.

Will you take in my horse or pony?

Unfortunately, we are not able to take in “owner surrender” horses, ponies or other animals. All our animals have come to use because of abandonment, starvation or some kind of cruelty situation. We are a transition facility; we are not a sanctuary.

How can I volunteer at the South Florida SPCA?

Step one is to become a Member of the South Florida SPCA through our website here.
Step two is to schedule your attendance at our Volunteer Orientation class.
Step three is to reach out to schedule your day and time to volunteer.

South Florida SPCA

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South Florida SPCA Horse & Livestock Rescue

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Your donation provides a safe haven to rehabilitate horses and livestock who suffer from cruelty, starvation or abandonment.

You make it possible for the South Florida SPCA to provide species appropriate feeding and re-feeding, proper veterinary and hoof care, and to allow the animals to rehabilitate in a safe and proper environment so that they get a second chance in life. Donate Now to save a life today!

Adopt Me

Adopt a rescue and give one of our horses, ponies or other livestock a second chance at a permanent loving home. Whether you are looking for a riding horse or a pony, a companion animal, or some livestock to round out your farm, our rescues are ready for you to open up your heart and home.

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Become a Member of the South Florida SPCA

When you become a Member of South Florida SPCA you join the family of people who provide feed, veterinary and farrier services, training, and refuge for our abused, abandoned and neglected horses and livestock.

With membership comes the privilege to volunteer at the rescue ranch. Volunteering might be hard work when it comes to barn chores time, or it can be fun and entertaining when volunteering for events, but volunteering in all capacities will warm your heart as you interact and develop relationships with the animals while helping care for them.

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About South Florida SPCA

In 1992, following Hurricane Andrew, the South Florida SPCA was founded out of a need to help abandoned horses. Over the course of time a small effort to help individual horses grew to an organization that serves all horses and livestock who are victims of cruelty, starvation and or abandonment.

As the organization matured, The South Florida SPCA became collaborators with Miami Dade Animal Services, received accreditation with Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance and Global Federations of Sanctuaries and began to serve the entire Miami Dade County community. We have rescued over 2,500 horses in the course of time. As well as all the farm livestock we have rescued, there have been llamas, alpaca’s, geese, and even a camel or two.