Training & Enrichment

Our training methods are based in the positive reinforcement approach. See how positive reinforcement training & enrichment come together.

Training and Enrichment
Trainer Rachel
Horse painting canvas

Training Methods

At the South Florida SPCA, we pride ourselves in staying abreast of the current science of learning for horses in particular, but for all our animals. Our training methods are based in the positive reinforcement approach. Because our horses come from one of two sources, Off Track Thoroughbreds or abandonment and cruelty, we want all our horse training interactions to be congruent with a positive emotional state for the horse, as well as success in their learning.

Horses require enrichment and engagement for their mental wellbeing, particularly until they can be turned out for pasture and other horse interaction time.

Many times, our training for the Off-Track Thoroughbreds begins with the horses learning to relax and to trust environmental circumstances. In the case of the rescue horses, often relearning trust in humans is our starting point. Off Track Thoroughbreds can require extended stall containment for rehabilitation, which can lead to frustration and negative behaviors.

Through positive reinforcement training we can offer them mentally stimulating outlets and novel ways to engage in training. For our rescue horses, the same approach can be used to instill trust and positive interactions with humans, as well as learning taught behaviors.

We have one case that we are particularly proud of. Bis Golden Glory! Bis Golden Glory is an Off-Track Thoroughbred who while in rehabilitation was very oral and often trying to bite. We were able to redirect her use of her mouth to a more positive behavior. Mapped out by our Executive Director, and taught through clicker training by our Trainer, Bis Golden Glory was taught to hold a paint brush and to PAINT! Bis Golden Glory actually loves to engage and paint!

Bis Golden Glory’s Canvases

For an original piece of art fully and exclusively painted by Bis Golden Glory, and/or colors of your choice, reach out to

Several of the Bis Golden Glory Canvases have already sold, but there are still a few available for that perfect location in your home or office! All canvases are original, painted by the horse and come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

In Progress - Paintings by our horse, Chanel

“In Progress”


“Racing Inferno” 2024


“Purple Daze” 2024


“Golden Gallop” 2024


“Running Tide” 2024


“Bis Golden Glory” 2024

Watch Bis Golden Glory paint!

Watch the sequence of the transformative training of Bis Golden Glory from a horse that will grab things with her mouth, to a directed horse who paints!