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Our Partners

We want to express our deepest gratitude to our partners for their generosity. We also want to ask YOU to consider them first when one of our partners offers a service or product you would use.

Our Partners are businesses and organizations, special groups of people, that join us in the South Florida SPCA mission to serve horses and livestock who have suffered cruelty through no fault of their own. We could not continue our mission without them. Our partners offer us financial support, services support, pricing considerations and generally do all that they can to offer assistance to the organization and the animals in its care.

Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary

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Critter Creek Farm Sanctuary is a 501(c)3 non-profit that was founded in 2016 by Erin Amerman and Chris Amerman. The driving mission of Critter Creek is to promote compassion for farm animals through rescue and education. Another core part of our mission is to support other farm sanctuaries–we believe strongly that we are all in this together for the animals.

Erin & Chris have been AMAZINGLY supportive to the animals of the SFSPCA, in particular our cows. Cows are one of the most difficult animals for us to rehome, but Critter Creek has given the blessing of sanctuary to the greater majority of the cows we have rescued. In fact they agreed to take the total Sunrise Cows herd! What a blessing for those cows and for us too, being able to secure a sanctuary home for them. We agree with Erin & Chris, we are all in this together for the animals.

Equus Foundation

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The South Florida SPCA would like to extend its gratitude to the EQUUS Foundation, who is issuing support in the form of a grant, to be used to help us continue our work, rescuing and rehabilitating horses and livestock in need. This grant is in addition to the grant previously issued, as part of their COVID-19 Relief Campaign.

Thank you to the EQUUS Foundation for not only their monetary support; but also, their continued social media support.

Eugene Ewan Mori Foundation

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The Eugene Ewan Mori Foundation has been a significant partner to the South Florida SPCA! Starting with being our first ever Signature Sponsor for our Inaugural Hearts & Hoofbeats Reception event, followed by one of the largest single donations we have been blessed to receive. The Mori Foundation has funded the rebuilding of our training round pen, as well as allowing us to make a significant investment in flooding mitigation! We are deeply grateful to be able to partner with an organization that is so deeply committed to the welfare of horses.

Global Federation of Sanctuaries

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The mission of the Global Federation of Sanctuaries is to continuously improve the quality of care for animals requiring sanctuary. To this end, we accredit sanctuaries based on worldwide standards of excellence, facilitate operational and financial support and enhance effectiveness, recognition, and collaboration.

The South Florida SPCA is pleased to be able to say that we are a GFAS sanctioned animal rescue (we aren’t a sanctuary) . With the oversight of the Global Federation of Sanctuaries you can be assured that our standards of care and business management pratices are being upheld to a higher standard.

Humane Society of the United States

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Together with millions of supporters, the Humane Society of the United States takes on puppy mills, factory farms, the fur trade, trophy hunting, animal cosmetics testing and other cruel industries. We rescue and care for thousands of animals every year through our rescue and response team and other hands-on animal care services. We fight all forms of animal cruelty to achieve the vision behind our name: a humane society.

The Humane Society of the United States partnered with the South Florida SPCA in Operation Sunrise Cow. The HSUS granted us funding to cover a large part of the costs associated with rescuing 50 cows. Without the collaborative efforts of the HSUS and the SFSPCA, Operation Sunrise Cows could not have been accomplished. We are grateful to be able to partner with an organization like HSUS.

Miami Dade County Animal Services

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Miami Dade Animal Services is charged with the oversight of the welfare and wellbeing of the animal residents in Miami Dade County. The South Florida SPCA partners with MDAS and the Miami Dade Police Agricultural Department to protect the horses, livestock and a various assortment of other animals from cruelty and abuse. Since 2008, Miami-Dade Animal Services Department (ASD) has provided partial funding to the SFSPCA for the care and rescue of abandoned and stray horses and other large farm animals.

ASD provides comprehensive animal services including: large and small animal cruelty investigations, pet adoption programs, pet licensing services, mobile adoptions, spay/neuter programs and funds local outreach spay/neuter services through private veterinary offices and two satellite clinics. In 2015, ASD achieved it’s no kill goal. The new Pet Adoption and Protection Center is located in Doral, Florida. For more information please visit www.miamidade.gov/animals or call 311.

Mill Creek Retirement Home for Horses

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In 1984, Peter and Mary Gregory created the Retirement Home For Horses, Inc., a nonprofit sanctuary for old, abused, and abandoned horses in Alachua, Florida. RHH at Mill Creek provides lifetime care to elderly horses seized by law enforcement agencies, rescued by the SPCA or humane societies, as well as horses retired from government service such as police patrol or state and federal parks.

There are not enough Thank You’s to express our gratitude to RHH at Millcreek for giving our senior horses a safe, beautiful and loving place to live out their years. Many of our rescue horses are discarded senior horses. Once we bring them back to good health, they are adoptable, but as “companion only” horses. Adopters seeking companion only horses are few and far between. Thanks to the blessing of RHH, our Senior horses now have an opportunity to literally live in greener pastures for the balance of their lives.

Robbies Feed & Supply

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Established in 1973, Robbies Feed & Supply is a family-operated feed & supply business offering animal feed, hay, shavings, fencing, riding equipment, apparel, gift items, and so much more. Robbie’s is our “local feed store” that supplies our animal feed, much of our ranch maintenance supplies as well as many of our non-medical items for the animals.

We are deeply grateful for the long term supportive relationship we have cultivated with the Robbies team. Robbie’s has supported fund raisers at the store, donated gift certificates and other items to raffles and continues to give us as much consideration in pricing as possible. Our animals are very lucky to have the support of such a great local business that provides for so much of their needs.

Softshell Design

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Softshell Design worked with the South Florida SPCA to design their new logo, icons and website. Softshell updated the SFSPCA brand image to reflect the ‘Helping Hand’ we lend to animals in need of rescue, rehabilitation and love. The new website strives to portray the professionalism and consideration we provide to our rescues.

Softshell Design is based in Miami and has been helping their clients by providing innovative and unique designs for almost fifteen years. Softshell is a website and brand developer that assists businesses in refining, refreshing and reworking their brand.

South Florida Trail Riders

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The South Florida Trail Riders is a nonprofit, all volunteer horse riding organization made up of family, single and youth members. Members of the club come from a wide variety of horse interests: breeding, showing, dressage, endurance, farriers, medical, pleasure, trainers and just “plain ole” horse lovers.

The SFTR organization has always been very supportive of the SFSPCA. We are blessed to have their horse loving members be so willing to give time & resources on behalf of horses who aren’t as lucky as their own. SFTR hosts fundraisers, assists with fundraisers, invites SFSPCA to outreach events, and helps SFSPCA secure enough Hurricane Stalls in case of impending Hurricane weather in Miami. We are grateful for their continued support and collaboration.

Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance

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The 501(c)(3) non-profit Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance ( TAA) accredits, inspects and awards grants to approved Thoroughbred aftercare organizations to retire, retrain and rehome Thoroughbreds when they retire from the race track.

The SFPCA is honored to have been a TAA Accredited facility since 2015. Through TAA grant funding we have been blessed to be able to help provide second chances to Thoroughbreds that are either off the track (OTT) or having had the unfortunate need to be rescued.

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