Full Commission Vote – We Need You There!

For over a year, South Florida SPCA has been working closely with Pets’ Trust. You, our members, attended meetings, sent letters, emails, and made critical phone calls to County Commissioners. Most of all, YOU GOT OUT AND VOTED! It’s because of you that we’ve gotten this far. It is because of you that South Florida SPCA is designated for full funding for our horses! Please be with us at 9:30 am on June 4th. Let’s show the Miami-Dade County Commissioners that South Florida SPCA stands with Pets’ Trust!

On June 4th the full board of County Commissioners will vote to implement the Pets’ Trust or…NOT. The Animal Safety committee recommended 3-1 for approval and the full board will see this, and then make their final decision whether to agree with the committee…or NOT.

This is why it is critical that we show up in force for the June 4th meeting. The commissioners have to look out into the audience, and see that there are hundreds of people that care about our animals. There is no doubt that almost 500,000 people voted to create the Pets’ Trust. All of you have worked so hard to make sure the voice of the people has been heard. We have to be vigilant and make sure our voices have been heard!!!!

Now…it is the VOTE. And we need you there. More importantly, the animals need you there.

See you on June 4th….9:30 a.m.

Stephen P. Clark Government Center
111 NW 1st Street
2nd Floor
Miami, Florida 33128

Please wear RED in support, and we will be supplying red bandannas as well. That means….RSVP by clicking HERE and tell us how many of you are coming. Bring your friends. We need everyone!!

Also, please be watching your emails. We may need phone calls and emails as well to certain commissioners.

Thanks for the past year and please…find the energy to make that trip downtown!!!


Jeanette Jordan
President, South Florida SPCA


Photo: © 2013 Pets’ Trust Miami.