Now that the Moran-Young amendment has cleared the committee, it is no longer an

amendment but part of the bill. Be sure to thank Bill Young (R-FL) along with Jim for

introducing the amendment. Of note, is the House bill has further reduced the inspection

budget by $31M dollars.


Normally, once the house passes the bill, it moves to the senate but we hear the senate mark-

up on the bill will be tomorrow so the mark-up will start before the house votes on their bill.

The full committee is scheduled to hear the bill on Thursday. We do not know if the senate

committee will adopt the President’s recommended budget (this contains the defunding

language) or they will draft their own bill.



Your suggested message to the senate subcommittee and full committee is: Please ensure the

Senate bill contains language to defund horse inspections or please ensure the senate bill does

not include funding for horse inspections. That’s all!


If the language is included in the subcommittee mark-up, there is a good chance it will pass

out of the full committee with the language intact.


Should you become engaged in a dialog as to why you support this, here are suggested talking



Food safety and wisely using our tax dollars. It is a waste of US taxpayer dollars to inspect

animals that are not raised or regulated as food animals. The US should not allow non-food

animals to enter the food chain in the US or in foreign countries not to mention the possibility

of the recent European meat scandal happening in the US with our beef supply. With budgets

being slashed, our USDA inspectors should be solely focused on inspecting our food supply.


Keep in mind this is a financial bill so that should be the focus of any communications unless,

of course, you are asked about other issues surrounding food safety and horse slaughter. If

you have any questions or need information, please visit our website or email us at



Committee Contact Info:


I’m not sure who created this document (thank you!) but I took the information and added the

state, party and noted the subcommittee members (check mark in the first column). The

document is sorted by state and has two pages – the first page is phone info and the second

page has web information. You can take the zoom up for the second page as I had to shrink

the print to get it to fit on one page.




We’ll let you know when the house bill is scheduled for a vote.