One more to love at the Rescue Ranch!

We are overjoyed to announce that rescue mare Shakira has given birth to a healthy – and very energetic – baby girl! Our little filly is the absolute darling of the ranch, amusing us all as she learns how her long spindly legs work and testing how much mischief her mom will allow, while satisfying her curiosity about us humans and our other horses and animals.

Shakira and foal

Last June we rescued Shakira and her young colt Dont’e, along with four other horses in the 8.5/East Everglades area. Not long after she arrived, we learned she was pregnant and due to foal possibly as early as February. After waiting, and waiting, and waiting… We were thrilled when Shakira finally gave birth just a little over a week ago.

This little filly is one of the lucky ones, born into safety and surrounded by love, with nothing but a bright and wonderful future ahead. Shakira is getting all the extra nutritious feed she needs as a nursing mom, and our veterinarians are keeping a watchful eye on the health of them both.

Without the support of horse lovers like you, their story would have had a very different outcome. We don’t even want to think about how Shakira, Dont’e and her unborn foal might have survived during Hurricane Irma, or fared regardless of the storm without safe shelter, veterinary care, nutritious feed and clean water.


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