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To all of our supporters and the 10,001 Miamians,By now everyone certainly knows that action on the resolution to create a community where we don’t kill our animals funded by the Pets’ Trust Initiative was a deferral.  We hoped this would be the vote to get the program started, but…it was “deferred”, to get further “public input”.   Apparently the 500,000 people who voted for this, were not enough.  Yes, we are all rightly upset and disappointed.  If you’ve not seen the news, here is the link…


To summarize:  Some comments from the board were:  “The people didn’t know what they were voting for.”  “We need to remind them what they voted for”…and variations of those words implying that the electorate didn’t know what we were doing!!!!! 

Now, we are being asked what is next, and what to do next.  Based on conversations with county officials, here is what is happening.

On Wednesday June 12th, the Animal Safety Committee will meet at 9:30 a.m., to have a public discussion about the resolution. The Chairman of the Committee will allow limited comments from the audience. After the public comments, the committee will decide whether to make any changes to the Mayor’s Plan of Action. We were told there will not be another vote at this meeting, but there could be changes that we may or may not like to that plan of action. The veterinarians have hired a big time lobbyist to further their agenda, and since we have not been able to meet with the vets, after two months of trying, there is no telling what that agenda is. Our goal is to work with the vets, and if they can do all the surgeries required to reduce the overpopulation, great. National experts have told us that we need to do at least 1,500 surgeries a week, or we will never catch up and solve the problem.  If the vets can do this with their existing clinics, let’s start tomorrow.

Another goal of the Pets’ Trust is to educate the community the importance of seeing a vet on a regular basis…meaning more customers for our veterinarians as the public comes to learn that regular checkups are critical to the health of their animal.

Nothing speaks better than filling the room with our supporters. On June 12th, we again would like you to come to the Government Center, wearing red (we will be handing out scarves again SO PLEASE RSVP if you are coming).

Whatever is decided in this committee, then goes to the full board on June 18th.  THIS IS WHERE THE VOTE TAKES PLACE!!!!  We need to fill the roomOn the June 4th meeting we had over 130 people in attendance, and while that was great……we NEED MORE AND WE NEED TO CREATE A SEA OF RED. The commissioners look out into that audience and can see us, and they need to see we ARE DETERMINED!!!  All of us have busy lives, jobs, and things to do. But, there is nothing more important that you can do on those days, so mark these dates on your calendar and be there for our animals.

We are fighting for our animals, and we must continue that passion that has carried us since we started this… to stop the killing of animals who every day die…while these delays take place.  Let’s all come out…in force…and make this happen once and for all!!!!!

If you need to be reminded of what goes on everyday, read this:

Stephen P. Clark Government Center
111 NW 1st Street, 2nd Floor
Miami, Florida 33128
Metrorail Station:  Government Center

Wednesday June 12th at 9:30 a.m.

RSVP by clicking HERE and tell us how many of you are coming.  We will provide red bandannas for everyone.

See you on the 12th and then the 18th.


Michael Rosenberg
President Pets’ Trust
Rita Schwartz Co-Founder
Lindsay Gorton Co-Founder
6952 N.W. 12th St.
Miami, FL 33126