(SEPTEMBER 11, 2017 – HOMESTEAD, FL) South Florida SPCA Horse Rescue is in the process of assessing damage to its ranch in Homestead, FL, and the condition of its horses in the wake of Hurricane Irene. Three horses that were kept at the SFSPCA ranch are okay, but overnight the property experienced significant flooding. There are downed power lines, fencing, shelters and arena stall panels, plus quite a few trees both on property and on the surrounding roads.

Due to the damage and repairs needed, SFSPCA is immediately seeking another facility in Miami-Dade where it can safely take the county’s abused and abandoned horses. Otherwise the organization will have to cease rescue operations for an indeterminate period. To those who can offer their facility, please contact Laurie Waggoner at 786-218-4828.

ABOVE: Elderly Paso Fino mare, Tia, in standing water in SFSPCA’s barn on 9/11/17.

BELOW: Flooding, downed trees and structures at South Florida SPCA Horse Rescue on 9/11/17.


SFSPCA_09112017_IRMA Damage_720px

What’s Next

All 57 horses at five different facilities, from Homestead to Ocala, are being checked on and cared for at this time. All will be kept where they are, while the three at the SFPSCA ranch will be relocated to a safe property as soon as possible.

The hurricane-related expenses have been tremendous so far, and will continue to climb. Financial help is much needed now and going forward to stay operational.

Please consider a tax-deductible donation in any amount to help.


Unedited video below taken this morning upon arrival at the SFSPCA ranch and barn. Three horses were found in standing water, which will be moved to a paddock with some of the only dry ground on the property.

Video above taken Sunday, September 10, 2017