Fiona_paddockFiona says it’s TIME TO SMILE AND DIAL! Today is “Call-the-Mayor Day” in Miami in support of Pets’ Trust! Please call Mayor Gimenez at 305-375-5071, and with your passionate but respectful voice, ask the mayor if he has changed his mind and will honor the will of the people and fund the Pets’ Trust as the people voted. Let him know we will never give up on our animals. The commissioners and mayor did not listen to the voters who said to raise the tax, so now they have to get the money from the general funds. In an over-4-billion-dollar budget, they can find it. We just have to tell them. While you’re at it, give Commissioner Bovo a ring at 305-375-4831. He was the leading opponent to the Pets’ Trust. Let him know how you feel. And Commissioner Sosa loves to hear from the community, so give her a call at 305-267-6377 and let her hear your voice!

(Click here to learn more about Pet’s Trust!)