Never Lie_South Florida SPCA_DSC_2133_720px
Former racehorse Never Lie (foreground) an off-track Thoroughbred in retraining and currently available for adoption at South Florida SPCA. (Photo credit: Grace Delanoy)

NOVEMBER 20, 2017 – South Florida SPCA Horse Rescue (SFSPCA) is proud to announce that after a rigorous application and inspection process, it has been reaccredited by the Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance (TAA) through 2019. The TAA, the only accrediting organization in Thoroughbred aftercare, has a network of 64 accredited organizations operating 180 facilities across the United States and Canada.

Accreditation is awarded for a two-year period, after which organizations must re-apply for accreditation. All organizations currently accredited by the TAA are eligible to receive financial grants to support the care of their Thoroughbreds. Grant applications are being reviewed for grants to be awarded by the end of the calendar year.

The full list of all 64 TAA-accredited organizations can be found at

“Time and time again we are reminded that the TAA accreditation process is seen as the gold standard of aftercare in the Thoroughbred industry. Therefore, we recognize the immense value it brings to these organizations for going through the in-depth application process and on-site inspections. For donors, supporters and Thoroughbred fans it shows that these organizations are in fact taking care of these athletes,” said John Phillips, TAA president and Darby Dan Farm owner.

“The importance of TAA’s support cannot be overstated,” said Kathleen Monahan, SFSPCA president. “The funds we receive allow us to save more horses, while the rigorous accreditation standards give South Florida SPCA the credibility and respect sought for by important donors and potential adopters. The value of relationships created and strengthened by our TAA accreditation is incalculable.”

All accredited organizations undergo a thorough application and inspection process prior to accreditation being awarded to ensure they meet the TAA’s Code of Standards covering five areas: operations, education, horse health care management, facility standards and services, and adoption policies and protocols. Site inspections are conducted at all facilities housing horses for each organization. On-going updates and re-inspections are required of all organizations throughout the term of their accreditation.

Based in Lexington, Kentucky, the non-profit Thoroughbred Aftercare Alliance accredits, inspects and awards grants to approved aftercare organizations to retire, retrain and rehome Thoroughbreds using industry-wide funding. Along with continued funding from its original partners Breeders’ Cup Ltd., The Jockey Club, and Keeneland Association Inc., the TAA is supported by owners, trainers, breeders, racetracks, aftercare professionals and other industry groups. To date, 64 aftercare organizations supporting more than 180 facilities across the U.S. and Canada have been granted accreditation and received funding from the TAA. To learn more about the TAA, visit