CFC_Topper_IMG_0160_2South Florida SPCA had the pleasure of hosting members of the Center for Social Change (CSC) at the rescue ranch on Friday, December 11, 2015 for a day of meeting, treating and connecting with the horses, and learning more about our mission. The group, including CSC founder, president, and CEO William Burdette, received a tour by SFSPCA president Kathleen Monahan and vice president Kim Rodstein, followed by hands-on activities such as grooming, leading, and feeding the horses.

The Center for Social Change (CSC) empowers non-profits with practical as well as legal assistance in 11 key states throughout the U.S. to better serve their communities. SFSPCA is excited to partner with CSC on recent marketing and public relations initiatives that will help raise awareness of horse welfare issues, and enhance fundraising efforts.

CSC’s mission is “to help local charities find an ‘inflection point’ that enables them to significantly increase the impact that they are having in their community” through three main programs: charitable donation, research on grant opportunities, and development of social entrepreneurship opportunities that could support a charity’s work.

View photos of the visit below:

Center for Social Change Outreach Event

Special thanks to SFSPCA Education/Outreach Coordinator, Susie Martell, for her presentation to CSC members, and for all the photos.