It’s official: Sally Jewell will be America’s next Interior Secretary.

Last night, she was confirmed by the Senate meaning that she is now in a position to step in and protect wild horses and burros, who are being eliminated from public lands by an out-of-control federal program which will be under her jurisdiction as soon as she’s sworn in.

Visit and encourage her to use her power and step in to protect America’s wild horses and burros.
Sally Jewell brings to the Interior Department a different mindset than her predecessor Ken Salazar, a rancher whose pro-livestock policies were devastating to wild horses. In many ways, it can’t get worse than Salazar. But at this point, since more wild horses are in stockpiled by the government in captivity than remain free in the wild, inaction can be just as damaging as bad policy.

This is why we want to send a message to Sally Jewell early in her tenure as Interior Secretary. She doesn’t know much about the wild horse issue. In fact, she answered just one question during the entire confirmation process about it, saying that she intends to “pursue effective and ecologically sustainable policies” for the Bureau of Land Management’s wild horse and burro program.

Let’s hold her to that by raising the issue during her first 30 days in office. Let’s show her how many Americans care about our wild horses and burros and want them to be treated humanely and protected and preserved for future generations!

Add your name to our open letter today:

– The AWHPC Team