Nope. Definitely not a horse.


That’s Stella Star, an adorable potbellied pig.

Yes, you read that right. South Florida SPCA Horse Rescue saves pigs and other animals that don’t fall into the usual domestic pet category. Our most unusual? Emus… But that’s a story for another day.

Back to Stella. We rescued the sweet swine after she was found wandering alone in SW Miami-Dade. We were instantly smitten. Our staff made up a stall especially for her, and we promptly got her vaccinated and spayed.

Stella became a star at the ranch. Not an Esther the Wonder Pig kind of star, but fabulous in her own way. As much as we loved her we knew her best life awaited elsewhere, so we found her a good home and said our goodbyes to her last Saturday.

Bittersweet, but we know there will always be more Stellas.


Stella Star, living “high on the hog” in her new home.

The best news? She’ll NEVER be bacon.

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