Dear Friends,

We know you care deeply about the plight of abused, abandoned and neglected horses. We are so grateful for your support of SFSPCA’s work to rescue horses from an otherwise cruel fate. And we know that you, like us, are thrilled when SFSPCA transforms a dying horse into a healthy, glorious majestic animal such as Eva, pictured below.


But, imagine if you can, that SFSPCA no longer exists. What would become of all the abused horses? We know. They will suffer and die, as they did before Laurie Waggoner founded SFSPCA nearly 25 years ago.

Why this talk of SFSPCA not existing? Because it’s a risk we run each year. It costs over $20,000 per month just to cover expenses for 50-60 horses at the ranch. And this spring, catastrophe struck as a staph infection ravaged about 20% of our horses. The costs are expected to exceed $20,000.

As we placed the ranch under quarantine, we canceled our Open House, costing us much-needed revenues. Now, we lag behind, and our annual fundraising goals are threatened. We’re working around the clock to make up the difference, but we need you.

There are some things we can count on being here tomorrow. We can count on the existence of abused and abandoned horses who need our help. But we can’t count on SFSPCA being here to save them unless we can count on you.

For the horses,

Kathleen Monahan
President, South Florida SPCA

The horses depend on you. Will you help?

Donate for a Naming Opportunity – NEW!

We’ve created a new and improved program for our ranch facilities. For an annual donation, your name and generosity will be memorialized on a plaque at your chosen facility and permanently honored on our new Naming Wall.
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Purchase a Membership
There are several memberships to choose from with fantastic benefits, including the ability to volunteer at the ranch. If not for you, purchase one as a thoughtful gift.
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Make a General Donation
Rest assured your donation will save horses’ lives by providing safe shelter, nutritious feed, and vet and farrier care. With your donation, you may also honor a loved one or favorite pet.
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Support SFSPCA Events
Golf or Sponsor Par For The Horse on October 29, 2016.  CLICK HERE.