John and Debbie Freud, aka “The Fabulous Freuds,” raised funds for South Florida SPCA in partnership with Dharma Yoga Studio in Coconut Grove, FL.

June 16, 2016 – South Florida SPCA would like to thank yoga instructors Debbie and John Freud, and Natalie Morales of Dharma Yoga Studio in Coconut Grove, for dedicating their weekly Friday evening Community Yoga classes in February to help the horses. The “Fabulous Freuds” as they’re known, waived their teaching fee, and students were asked for a minimum $10 donation to attend. With an extra boost from the Freuds, $825 was raised and donated.

But the Freuds’ compassion and generosity didn’t stop there. When they learned of the hardships and financial setbacks we were enduring due to a contagious infection and quarantine at the rescue ranch, they immediately offered to donate an additional $2,500 to help.

In a note sent to SFSPCA president Kathleen Monahan, John Freud wrote, “I wanted to take a moment to personally thank you, and the many volunteers at SFSPCA for your extraordinary commitment to, and continued life saving efforts for, the horses and other animals that have come under your care. It is a rarest of human qualities that you and your team possess, where you sacrifice so much of your time and devote so much effort to giving voice, and life, to those animals that cannot speak, and whose lives many, all too frequently, do not justly value.”

To say we are deeply moved by these extremely kind words and generous donations is an understatement.

And, while we greatly appreciate these much-needed funds, we are also thankful for the awareness the Freuds and Natalie Morales brought to their yoga community. People are often surprised to learn there are horses in Miami-Dade, let alone how many are abused and abandoned, and in need of rescue.

Thank you Debbie, John, Natalie, and the entire Dharma Yoga Studio community for your support!

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