Lily’s Story

November, 2022

Lily was rescued by the South Florida Society for the prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) alongside 100 other farm animals from deplorable conditions in Redland. Unclaimed by her mother, the young goat was starving an still had her umbilical cord attached when rescuers arrived. Lily was immediately bottle-fed by the organization’s vice president, before urinating on her rescuer and then falling asleep.

Christine Scepter, the South Florida SPCA’s executive director, took charge of Lily’s care, bringing her to and from work every day to keep her on a regular bottle-feeding schedule. “She was never far from where I was,” recalls Scepter. “She thought I as her mommy.” As Lily grew stronger, she spent time with the rest of the rescued goat herd and formed a bond with another goat named Drama.

Eventually, Scepter decided to adopt both Lily and Drama. “Having a relationship with her has been filled with wonderful, funny, and endearing moments,” says Scepter. “She knows her name, and she gets jealous if I pay too much attention to Drama when she wants her time.”

lily dog bed